The cleanest way to commute

Metro Rail is, pretty much, the most environmentally friendly way there is to get around Buffalo. In honor of that fact, four local photographers have supplied us with examples of exactly what clean air and water means to Western New York.

Terry Cervi
Kristen Kroess
Daniel Novak
Tom Wolf

Metro Rail travels through the heart of downtown Buffalo, from the University at Buffalo South Campus to First Niagara Center without ever pumping even a gram of carbon into the air. In fact, Metro Rail doesn’t put out any emissions, because it is completely electric. Yes, there are some electric cars on the road - and they are very friendly to the environment - but Metro averages around 25-percent of its power from renewable sources, like Niagara Falls. Even our clean electric power is cleaner than most. Of course, you could walk to work. That wouldn’t put out any emissions either. But if you really want to stay clean you’re better off inside one of our safe, comfortable, temperature–controlled rail cars.

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