Metro Fare Collection Resumes

On June 29, Metro Bus and Rail began collecting fares again. As New York State entered Phase Four of its reopening – and Metro intensified its safety protocols – the use of bus front doors became feasible again. Metro had suspended fare collection on March 27, in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, but limited service disruptions throughout the three-month fare suspension.

A number of public transportation systems across the country stopped collecting fares this past spring. Most have also started collecting again, with what has become standard requests of bus and rail passengers: please cover your face while riding, please use every other seat, if the bus or train car is too full – wait for the next one.

Metro has installed transparent barriers for bus operators, cleans all of its vehicles and rail stations on advanced schedules, and monitors busier routes so that additional vehicles can be deployed in order to aid social distancing. And it does not stop there. Metro continues to adjust its schedules to better fit current needs and investigate additional procedures and equipment that can help make Metro the safest way to get around the region.

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