Checking in on the DL&W

Congressman Brian Higgins, State Senator Tim Kennedy and Western New York laborers, builders, transit and construction trade workers met at Metro Rail’s DL&W Station last month to see the rehab progress, and to highlight the importance projects like this one hold for the community.

Higgins said, “Infrastructure investment has a proven rate of economic return. Where public infrastructure goes, private investment follows, good-paying jobs are supported, and regional economic opportunity grows.”

DL&W Station is currently undergoing a $52 million public infrastructure transformation. Phase one and two of the project extends the Metro Rail track creating a new station on the first floor of the building. Phase three of the project will see significant private sector investment to build out the second floor of the building with restaurant, retail, and other public destination features. The project extends Metro Rail service into the Canalside/Cobblestone districts, with connectivity to the adjacent Shoreline Trail.

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