Metro gets back to basics

Phone apps, GPS tracking, interactive kiosks – new tech is nice, but it’s still important to remind everyone that Western New York has a robust transit system, covering two counties. You can get just about anywhere for $2. You can ride all day for just $5. That basic message calls for basic messaging: Beats and rhymes. Metro’s responded with a new music-based ad campaign.

To make the campaign work, Metro reached out to three local artists with a track record of success in the community.

DJ Milk has been a part of the Buffalo music and video production scene for over a decade. Milk is not only a DJ but a performer, a media personality and a positive force within his community. He is notorious for bringing that special energy to Buffalo Bills, Sabres, Bandits and UB Bulls game day experience. And a party or two.

Jeremy Cochise Ball is a Record Producer who has made his mark from Buffalo to NYC and overseas. Working with everyone from Notorious B.I.G. to Lana Del Rey, Cochise has been the glue between the artists and the audience. “The right song at the right time changes everything” -Cochise.

Engineer/Producer John Ceglia recently returned home from a second stint in New York City where he was Senior Engineer at Hogarth Worldwide/Gramercy Park Studios on Park Avenue. He left behind working with global agencies on Super Bowl ads to come back to Buffalo to be part of the city's renaissance. John is now at Chameleon Communications on Franklin Street.

Combining their talents, this crew put together Metro’s new campaign theme, a track that is energetic and very addictive. Give it a listen.

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