NFTA-Metro Rail Corridor opens to new development

Based on the amazing success of the new Allen-Medical Campus – the result of a joint NFTA and University of Buffalo School of Medicine arrangement - the NFTA is now partnering with the McGuire Development Company to advance commercial development at other Metro Rail properties.

McGuire has released a Request for Qualifications on behalf of the NFTA. It kicks off the search for interested, forward-looking and accomplished commercial developers eager to capitalize on Buffalo’s resurgence. Properties include all of the rail stations along the 6.4 mile rail line, each in the City of Buffalo.

The timing is perfect. Transit oriented development is on an upward trend. It enhances urban living, and local economies, by focusing on linked, walkable communities, with rapid transit at the core. The NFTA knows its partner is perfect, too. McGuire is a Buffalo based real estate firm with a strong track record in mixed-use projects.

The RFQ will be released publicly through the New York State Contract Reporter, and the Construction Exchange, as well as other media outlets. For inquiries related to the RFQ, please visit A Request for Proposals for development at NFTA-Metro rail properties is expected to be released for each of the particular stations within six months.

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