Public transportation is everyone’s business

Go Buffalo Niagara, a Transportation Management Association serving Erie and Niagara Counties, has launched a business membership program which encourages people to commute without a car. Walking, biking – and especially Metro bus or Metro Rail – are the kinds of alternatives that help people, and our community, in multiple ways.

“In Buffalo, the average commuter wastes 40 hours per year in peak-hour congestion, given that 82 percent of people in our region get to work by driving alone,” said Kelly Dixon, Principal Planner for the Greater Buffalo Niagara Regional Transportation Council. Fewer cars on the road means less congestion for everyone; if it is your car, that means more time for you. Reading, resting – transit can be a real asset.

Visit the GO Buffalo Niagara website. Employers can view the business memberships available. Once a business is signed up, its employees will have access to the myriad alternative transportation incentives.

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