Metro Maintains Service

Metro Bus and Rail is currently operating a full schedule, but continues to monitor ridership and services in order to best allocate resources. Staff is putting special focus on critical routes and times, ensuring that the community has access to food, supplies, and of course, healthcare. Metro has implemented a number of changes to make transit safer.

Niagara Falls and Portage Road Transportation Centers are closed to aid social distancing. Bus service to both facilities continues as scheduled.

Fare collection is now temporarily suspended, also to aid social distancing. This includes all bus routes, the Paratransit Access Line (PAL) and Metro Rail. Because there is no fare collection, passengers should use rear doors to board and exit buses. Those who have special needs or mobility issues may still use front doors.

Metro Bus and Rail has greatly increased cleaning schedules. Buses, rail cars, rail stations and other locations are now subject to deep-cleaning liquid, containing hospital-grade sanitizing agents. Metro also has put cleaners out in the field to sanitize buses multiple times throughout the day.

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