Adapting to the future

To get a better understanding of where we stand, Metro Bus and Rail conducted an online survey last month, seeking opinions on the NFTA’s COVID-19 response. The survey sought input from the general public, in addition to avid riders.
The results have already inspired a number of improvements in the transit system:  

We added 30-day passes on Token Transit, the NFTA’s no-touch fare payment option.

Barriers have been installed on all buses to separate drivers and bus riders.

Hand sanitizer is now available on all buses and rail cars.

Face coverings are required on all Metro services and in all NFTA buildings.

Metro will continue, when possible, to provide back-up buses for routes that are too crowded for proper social distancing.

A total of 323 individuals took part in the on-line survey; 47% frequent riders, and 53% from those who have not been riding. Metro's new adaptations will be in effect for as long as needed.

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