Words and Buses

The Just Buffalo Literary Center rolled out “LIT CITY: On The Move,” a public art collaboration with the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority that brings over 50 poems by local writers to bus shelters, rail stations and buses throughout the City of Buffalo.

“Just Buffalo’s LIT CITY public art projects create opportunities to discover and connect with literature and our city’s writers in unexpected ways,” said Barbara Cole, Just Buffalo’s Artistic & Associate Executive Director. “After so much time marked by stillness and isolation, this collaboration sends words traveling—from bus stop to bus stop, from writer to reader—and offers moments of connection for Western New Yorkers out in the world again.”

Words are like buses. They are so commonplace they can be underappreciated until someone comes along and gives them new life and new meaning. The NFTA is so very happy to partner with Just Buffalo Literary Center to show that words – and buses – can be things of beauty.

Look for work by hometown writers all over the greater Buffalo area starting . . . now.

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